Welcome to the ITSEE citations database.

The database contains citations of many Biblical books in Greek and Latin patristic authors up until the 8th Century.

The Latin citations have been prepared in conjunction with the Vetus Latina Institute and many of the Greek citations in conjunction with Biblindex.

The database can be accessed using the links below:

How to use the API

The data is available through an API which can be accessed using the following formula:

itsee-wce.birmingham.ac.uk/api/citations/[model name]/[optional item id]

The model names are citation, author, work, edition, series, onlinecorpus.

If an id is provided a single record will be returned if a record exists in that model with that id.

If no id is provided then the first 100 records in the model will be returned with a link to fetch the next 100.